independent  investment  advisory  and

finance  consulting


for professional  and  institutional investors

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Quality and experience built over 20 years

Mountain Finance and its founder E.K. Hauser have more than 20 years relevant business experience in investment advisory and finance consulting.

Our approach is personal and our investment solutions are tailor-made reflecting the investors’ risk/chance profils. We prefer diversification and have a clear emphasis on de-correlated investments.

As finance consultants (M&A), we advise our clients in private equity transactions and help them to resolve succession problems.

Serving our clients/ investors

independent from banks

diversified investment solutions

personal approach

tailor-made solutions

de-correlated investment ideas

Current activities


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M&A projects:

* Construction company with specific technique (modular, sustainable, cost-efficient)

* Construction / isolation material (light, regrowing, reusable)

* Recycling of medical product in hospitals

* Real Estate



Investment solutions:

Structured Products

* more than 50 currently invested private placements, mostly on commodities and shares (and its indices)


Certificate and Funds

* Arbitrage in in-efficent markets -> target yield 20-30% p.a.

* Life Settlements -> target yield 10-15% p.a.

* Litigation finance -> target yield 10-15% p.a.

* Diversity -> target yield 8-10% p.a.