Independent Investment Advisory

Mountain Finance advises qualified investors in the optimisation of their investment strategy. We are specialized in un-correlated alternative assets and in tailor-made private placements. Our approach to investing therefore reduces overall portfolio risk (downside-risk) and increases return on investments (upside-potential).

Our strength for common asset classes is “Correlation Investing”:

* Significant reduction of correlation between the chosen investment (classes) and financial markets;

* Analysis of correlations in order to optimise payouts without increasing risks. The overall exposure of an asset class can be reduced and the free funds be invested in other asset classes with low or no correlation to financial markets.

For alternative asset classes, we created de-correlated investment solutions, which offer sustainable high returns independent from the development on financial markets.

Mountain Finance is independent (from banks) in the selection of investments.

Alternative Assets

* Arbitrage in in-efficent markets -> target 60-80% p.a.

* Life Settlements -> target yield 15-17% p.a.

* Litigation finance -> target 12-15% p.a.

* Bridge / Consumer Credits -> 10-20% p.a.

Private Placements

* >50 Private Placements

More Investment themes via SPVs

* Sustainable Treatment

* Long-short investments in (already closed) fund vehicle


Mergers & Acquisitions / Succession Problems

Mountain Finance identifies acquisition targets for finance and strategic investors or helps corporations to spin-off unwanted assets (affiliate, division, real estate, etc.) in order to concentrate on its core business. We also support company owners to resolve their succession problems.

Mountain Finance consults its clients until the closing of the purchase / sale transaction.

We cooperate with partner consultant companies and maintain specific Internet Platforms in order to promote suitable projects.

Current Projects:

* Banks: we look for or buy private banks (in CH & G) / independent asset managers (CH) for investors

* Recycling of medical products in hospitals

* Various Venture Capital and Growth Capital projects